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In this week's radio broadcast

Senate Passes Bipartisan Public Lands Bill
92 Senators recently passed the most sweeping land conservation bill in a decade, which designated 1.3 million new acres of protected wilderness, five new national monuments, and hundreds of miles of wild and scenic rivers. It also permanently authorizes the Land and Water Conservation Fund. Democratic Senator Maria Cantwell (D- WA) joins Bobby Bascomb to tell us what helped get this bipartisan bill across the finish line.

Understanding the Green New Deal
A resolution calling for a Green New Deal has been released by Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) and Senator Ed Markey (D-MA). It follows in the footsteps of President Roosevelt’s New Deal, in that it seeks to boost the economy, but with an emphasis on reducing greenhouse gases. Nathaniel Keohane from Environmental Defense Fund takes Bobby Bascomb through the Green New Deal outline and explores where the movement goes from here.

Beyond The Headlines
This week beyond the headlines Peter Dykstra and host Bobby Bascomb talk about the conservative criticism of the Green New Deal. Then, a trip down under, where an Australian court decision stopped a new coal mine proposal in its tracks. Finally, a look back fifteen years, to when the Pentagon commissioned a report to see how climate change could cause severe global destabilization.

Monarch Butterflies Rebound
Things are looking promising for eastern monarch butterflies – their population has grown 144 percent from last year. But western monarch are down to just 30,000 individuals, on the edge of extinction. Senior Scientist from the Center for Biological Diversity, Tierra Curry, tells us all about monarchs’ annual migration, and what can be done to boost their numbers.

The Border Wall's Wildlife Impacts
President Trump has declared a state of emergency to secure funding for a wall along the US border with Mexico. The proposed wall would disturb critical habitats and block migration routes for animals already stressed by climate change. It could even lead to extinction for some rare and endangered species. Sergio Avila, Biologist and Outdoors Coordinator for the Sierra Club, talks with Bobby Bascomb about how the border wall could have a lasting impact species such as jaguars and pygmy owls.

Refugees Cultivate Healing Through Gardening
The Neighbor’s Field is a community garden in rural Georgia which is designed to help refugees heal from the pain and trauma of war by planting a garden. Producer Sean Powers of Georgia Public Broadcasting and the Bitter Southerner podcast has the story.

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