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In this week's radio broadcast

Pruitt Out, Wheeler In
With the departure of Scott Pruitt, former coal lobbyist and Senate staffer Andrew Wheeler takes over as acting EPA Administrator with plans to keep rolling back regulations. Britt Erickson, a senior editor at Chemical and Engineering News talks about the high-stakes transition.

Fracking On The Rachel Carson Trail
A popular hiking trail outside Pittsburgh is named after a hero of the environmental movement. It passes busy neighborhoods and other human infrastructure and industry. Now, a shale gas well has appeared too and as the Allegheny Front’s Reid Frazier reports, some hikers aren’t happy about it.

Judge Kavanaugh & Environmental Protection
President Trump has nominated Appellate Judge Brett Kavanaugh to replace retiring US Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy. Vermont Law School Professor Pat Parenteau says his conservative record could affect a range of environment issues.

Beyond The Headlines
First up, the NRA membership has high rates of solar panel ownership and the record temperatures that have scorched the Northern hemisphere. Later, they look back on the blight epidemic that nearly wiped out the American Chestnut tree, but also good news about its recovery.

BirdNote: Sparrow Sing In Arizona Monsoon
The hot, dry summer months in the desert Southwest usually give way in July to the intense rains of the monsoon season. As BirdNote®’s Michael Stein reports, this reprieve can bring life back to the desert as some sparrows take the rain as a cue to begin singing.

Hospital Farming For Better Health
Boston Medical Center is reimagining what it means to care for patients with a new rooftop agriculture project. Living on Earth's Jaime Kaiser visited this major teaching hospital to learn about the fresh produce that’s feeding hospital patrons.

The Place Where You Live: Anchorage, Alaska
Teacher Sasha Johnson shares her essay on living in Anchorage, Alaska, a place of bold, adventurous folks willing to endure hardship in chasing their dreams. Part of Living On Earth’s partnership to give voice to Orion Magazine’s “The Place Where You Live.”

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