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Wildlife and the Crimes Against Them
Wildlife faces risks...losing lots of species. Sometimes this take is accidental but sometimes in direct violation of laws designed to conserve them. our series looks at innovative methods to ..winning, losing battle. Illegal trade of wildlife is a rampant problem and a lucrative business around the world. While cracking down on them proves difficult, law enforcement is getting a leg up from conservationists and scientists, partnering to prevent and prosecute wildlife crimes.

Mark Seth Lender: Farthest North
The High Arctic is a vast and unpredictable place. Mark Seth Lender has been reporting this summer from both above and below the Arctic Circle and has been sharing his experiences with Living on Earth. His blog is called Farthest North, after the book of the same name by arctic explorer Fridtjof Nansen.

Africa's Great Green Wall of Trees
LOE's Bobby Bascomb is in Senegal reporting on an ambitious plan to halt the shifting Sahara in it's tracks.

Enduring Drought in the South
This past year, the southern United States is suffering a historic drought. Texas history also tells us that sometimes these droughts can last for decades.

Japan Nuclear Disaster
Japan nuclear disaster update.

Living on Earth
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