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All We Can Save: Truth, Courage, and Solutions for the Climate Crisis

December 3 @ 6PM ET


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Join the nationally-syndicated public radio show Living on Earth (from PRX) and the Sustainable Solutions Lab at UMass Boston for a virtual conversation with contributors of ALL WE CAN SAVE, a new anthology featuring expertise and insights of dozens of diverse women leading on climate in the United States. The book aims to advance a more representative, nuanced, and solution-oriented public conversation on the climate crisis.

ALL WE CAN SAVE illuminates the need for transformational climate leadership that is more characteristically feminine and more faithfully feminist and rooted in compassion, connection, creativity, and collaboration. The topics covered are more relevant than ever today, and for this webinar, we're focusing on climate adaptation, climate justice, and resilience.

Living on Earth's Steve Curwood speaks to co-editor Katharine K. Wilkinson and contributors Colette Pichon Battle, Jainey K. Bavishi, and Susanne C. Moser, renowned leaders in the climate adaptation field.

This event is also sponsored by the Security & Sustainability Forum and the McCormack Graduate School of Policy and Global Studies at UMass Boston and is part of the LOE Book Club (formerly known as Good Reads on Earth).

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