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This week... Facts about Stonehenge.


CURWOOD: Long, long ago, huge giants were said to have danced in circles on the plains of Salisbury, England. Their massive steps could be felt for miles around. Then without warning, the giant revelers were mysteriously turned to stone, their hands still joined in a circle. Now all that remains of their ancient choreography is a place called Stonehenge. Just a myth, you say? Well, Probably. But this story is just one of the legends inspired by the mystery of England’s most famous ancient wonder. And this week there will once again be revelers on the Salisbury plains. For the first time in sixteen years, Stonehenge will be open to the public for the summer solstice. Stonehenge was historically a ritual meeting ground for the Celtic intellectuals called Druids. But its original purpose is still shrouded in mystery. Some believe the stones were purposely arranged as a sort of calendar, first built around 3,000 BC But in any event, if you stand in the right spot across from the entrance to Stonehenge, you can see the sun rise directly over the giant arms of the great stone arch on the very first day of summer. And for this week, that’s the Living On Earth Almanac.



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