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This week, a singing ode to Florida’s vote tallyers.


CURWOOD: Actually, we only have time for one comment this week, but we think you'll enjoy this. It's a singing telegram of sorts from Mary Jane Newborn. She called from Cincinnati, Ohio, where she listens to WKNU across the river in Highland Heights, Kentucky, to dedicate this little ditty to all those Florida ballot counters and vote watchers. Ready, Mary? And a one, and a two, and a...

NEWBORN: (Singing to the tune of Camptown Races) Oh, the countdown ladies sing this song: Do that, don't do that. The countdown race go all month long: do, don't all day. I press down with my chad caved in. Do that, don't do that. I go back home with no clear win, do, don't all day. Grind to count all night, grind to count all day. I vote my conscience but I'll be screwed now, either way.

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