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Business Update

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China hopes Beijing will be the site of the 2008 summer Olympics. But as Living on Earth’s Anna Solomon-Greenbaum reports, first, the city must clean up the air.


SOLOMON-GREENBAUM: The Chinese capital Beijing is on the short list of contenders to host the Olympic Games in 2008. But first, it needs to prove that its notoriously thick smog won't affect the athletes' performances. In July, the International Olympic Committee visits to check out the city, and Beijing officials are getting ready. They've ordered the Capital Iron and Steel Company, one of China's largest manufacturers, to cut production and shut down several coal-burning furnaces. On windy days there will be no major construction work, to prevent dust clouds from blowing in and around the city. And cars face new emissions standards. The Chinese are planning to spend up to $20 billion to get the city into sparkling shape. At least as sparkling as its contenders, which include Paris and Istanbul, two cities with their own share of pollution problems. That's this week's business update. I'm Anna Solomon- Greenbaum.



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