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Listener Letters

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This week we dip into the Living on Earth mailbag to hear what listeners have to say.


CURWOOD: It's Living on Earth. I'm Steve Curwood, and coming up: A modern day lone ranger takes on the bad guys in good lands. But first:


CURWOOD: Time for comments from you, our listeners.


CURWOOD: Our interview with animal communicator Kim Ogden-Avrutik touched off a dogfight in our mailbag over the CD she collaborated on called: "Ask the Animals – Songs to Make Dogs Happy." Doctor Kim, as she likes to be called, says she's can talk with pets and test marketed the songs for the CD by leading doggy focus groups.

"I must say I was very skeptical when I was listening to the interview," writes Kristine Hayes, who hears us on WDUQ in Pittsburgh. "But, the minute 'Squeaky Deaky' began playing, my dog, Chester, came trotting into my kitchen with his head cocked looking for some playtime. I was at first astounded and then amused. I could have sworn he would prefer jazz."

"The piece on Dog Tunes gave us a laugh and set our pup to howling," echoed Edward Grevatt's, a listener to New Hampshire Public Radio.

But, most folks responded with complaints. Winifred Tophoven, who signs her letters "Grandma Winnie," hears us on WBEZ, Chicago Public Radio. "I consider myself to be in the possession of an open mind," she writes. "But, your guest's credibility was beyond the pale. I was disappointed LOE would consider the CD for dogs-lady worthy of my precious time, much less yours.

Joel Whitney, who listens to Living on Earth on WAER in Syracuse, New York, agrees. "I do not object to the project itself; it's silly but ultimately harmless. I do object to the airing of an interview in which the subject makes outrageous and scientifically impossible claims. Such material does a great disservice to the interests of scientists and advocates who have worthy, important issues to discuss."

And, John Luther, a listener on WAMC in Albany, New York writes. "Were you celebrating April Fool's Day early? Please leave the dog talking and novelty CD hucksters for late-night TV and cable news and give us more of the insightful journalism that I heard in the ANWR and global warming stories."

Your comments on our program are always welcome. Call our listener line any time at 800-218-9988. That's 800-218-99-88.Or, write us at 20 Holland Street, Somerville, Massachusetts 02144. Our e-mail address is comments at loe dot org. Once again, comments at loe dot org. You can hear our program any time on our Web site, Living on Earth dot org. That's Living on Earth dot org.



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