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"Syriana," George Clooney's recent political blockbuster, is also a blockbuster with environmentalists. It's carbon neutral. That means the production team has found ways to counteract the greenhouse gasses produced while making the film by investing in the environment.


GELLERMAN: Drum roll. And the envelope, please.


GELLERMAN: And the Academy Award for this year’s most environmentally-friendly film goes to: “Syriana.”

[MUSIC: “Syriana” from the original motion picture soundtrack (Red Seal 2005)]

GELLERMAN: Accepting the award is Billy Connelly, director of marketing communication for Native Energy, the consulting company that calculated how to make “Syriana” carbon-neutral. That means all of the carbon dioxide emitted during production of the film was offset by investments in renewable energy technologies, such as a methane generator on a dairy farm and a wind park in the Midwest. And according to Billy Connelly, “Syriana” is just a preview of things to come.

CONNELLY: This is definitely an emerging trend. Hollywood is very sensitive to the impact that they have, whether it be through trying to reuse sets, or reduce their wastes, use more locally grown and organic materials, to renewable energy.

GELLERMAN: Connelly estimates making “Syriana” produced more than 2,000 tons of carbon dioxide – what with first class air travel, renting limos, lights, camera and special effects. It’s about as much as driving your car 4,000,000 miles…A long way to go to see a movie. Pass the organic popcorn.



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