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Listener Letters

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Criticism and compliments from our listeners.


YOUNG: It’s Living on Earth, I’m Jeff Young.


YOUNG: Time now for comments, from you. Our coverage of the climate and energy proposals in the State of the Union speech generated both heat and light. Some listeners support the President’s call for more nuclear power and offshore drilling – but many more say Friends of the Earth got it right calling the president’s speech “a kick in the gut”.

“Yes I do feel that way,” writes Laurie Larson, who hears our podcast in Trenton, NJ – “Nuclear energy is NOT clean” she writes, “until there is a way to safely deal with the waste. And it is vastly expensive. Resources should instead go to R&D for really clean energy.”

Kel Pickens of Stilwater Oklahoma hears us on KOSU. He echoes that call for investment in renewable energy.

PICKENS: When will Obama learn to just do it? He may be surprised how many of us are behind him. But, by supporting and backing nukes, he may be responsible for setting off new waves of anti-nuclear protests and legal actions that will make the last resistance to nukes look like a warm-up.

YOUNG: Our interview with Mark Levy of the Haiti Regeneration Initiative, in the wake of the earthquake sparked many appreciative comments, including one from Collene Mildes who hears us on WNJT near Princeton. She writes: “A sustainable environment is essential for Haiti… I (and I am sure many others) would be willing to support vegetation-restoration and reforestation projects for the Haitian people.”

WBEZ Chicago listener Statia Orange took issue with our interview though – she thought we glossed over the responsibility of Haiti’s colonial rulers for the environmental degradation the people currently face.

ORANGE: No comments were made about how they were forced by the French to pay for the robbing of the wood the trees for furniture and other resources. They did not voluntarily get rid of their resources they were robbed of it. Haiti is in this situation because of its treatment by western countries.

YOUNG: Well, whether you want to give us a sweet pat on the back – or a swift kick somewhere else – we’re always glad to hear from you – our listener line is 800-218-99-88 – that’s 800-218 -9-9-8-8 – Or email us at comments at l-o-e dot org.




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