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Cancun Voices

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Inside the COP16 Climate Change Conference center. (Photo: Bruce Gellerman)

We hear the voices, hopes and opinions of some of the many educators, environmentalists and officials in Cancun for the climate summit.


GELLERMAN: Government representatives, environmentalists and educators are among the 13,000 people from around the globe who are attending the Cancun climate summit. We asked a few of them what needs to be accomplished at the meeting.

MCCRAE: My name is Christine McCrae and I’m from Canberra in Australia. I’m with the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts. I would be very happy, if, at the end of COP16 there was a decision taken by all of the countries present here, that education on climate change should be continued.

And that there is increased gender balance on education of climate change, so girls and boys get the same access to education. Because educating women on climate change is really important. They’re the mothers, they’re the sisters in this world and they educate their families and their communities, particularly in developing countries.

MISSION: I’m Charles Meshack. I’m from Tanzania Forest Conservation Group. I would say climate change is happening and it’s real and we have to do something.

I won’t expect countries to have common agreement because of the different histories across the globe. So at the end of the day actually, countries have to think how are they going to address climate change at a national level, at a local level.



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