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Cuts to Environmental Education

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Environmental education programs across the country could be eliminated if the Obama budget passes. (Ohio Sea Grant and Stone Laboratory)

President Obama’s proposed budget would eliminate almost all federal funding for environmental education. Sean Miller, of the Earth Day Network, says this isn’t how he wants to celebrate Earth Day.


GELLERMAN: Recently, the White House held an historic summit on environmental education. But the Administration plans deep cuts in federal enviro ed programs, which takes some of the enthusiasm out of this year’s Earth Day for Sean Miller. He’s executive director of the Earth Day Network and he attended the White House meeting.

Funding for environmental education at the Fox Island Nature Center is threatened under the latest Obama budget proposal. (Photo: Maryland Department of Natural Resources )

MILLER: We were hoping to celebrate the 42nd anniversary of Earth Day here with many accomplishments. But we got an early Earth Day present, if you will, from the Administration, of proposed budget cuts in a total of close to forty million dollars for environmental education programs at EPA, NOAA, as well as NSF – the National Science Foundation.

GELLERMAN: Earth Day at 42… the years add up but the money for environmental education doesn’t. To hear our interview with Sean Miller, check out our website LOE dot ORG.

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GELLERMAN: Just ahead: revisiting the BP oil disaster two years later. A former U.S. senator and ex-head of the EPA issues a report card. Your parents wouldn’t be proud. Keep listening to Living on Earth!



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