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Earth Chats With the Moon

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Master storyteller Jay O’Callahan joins Living on Earth’s Paloma Beltran to share a poetic story about a conversation between the Earth and its friend and companion, the Moon.


CURWOOD: Living on Earth’s Paloma Beltran is with us now, with a story from the great Jay O’Callahan.

BELTRAN: Jay O’Callahan is a master storyteller who has shared some of his most vivid original stories with Living on Earth listeners over the years. And when we asked him to help us celebrate Earth Day he spoke of friendship.

Jay O'Callahan on the beach. (Photo: Paul Kennedy, Courtesy of Jay O'Callahan)

Jay O’Callahan
A story of Earth for Earth Day
© April 12, 2023

O’CALLAHAN: Earth's good friend is the Moon. The Moon goes around the earth every day. One day Moon said, "Earth you've told me about all of your problems. Pollution and all. But you've not told me why you like being Earth." “Oh” said the Earth. " I like my seas and my trees and my bees and even my fleas. I like all of my motions and my salty old oceans. And worms! And their squirms. I have trillions of worms. They make tunnels. The rainwater slips down the tunnels like funnels and waters the roots of the flowers. Flowers poke up above ground and there are millions of flowers allaround--red, yellow, blue. Every hue. People excited come running and they sing. "You've done it again, Earth. You've brought Spring! They are so happy and so am I dear Moon because people are help finding solutions to the pollutions and all. Isn’t that wonderful. I feel like dancing, don’t you?”

BELTRAN: Storyteller Jay O’Callahan



Storyteller Jay O’Callahan’s Website


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