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A Visual Feast

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A sunset in the north woods of Wisconsin (Bigstockphoto.com)

Before Thanksgiving 2012 has sunk over the memory horizon, Rod Clarke turns his attention to the horizon over his Wisconsin farmhouse in his poem Planning for Thanksgiving.


CURWOOD: Before this year's Thanksgiving with its groaning tables and groaning stomachs has disappeared over the memory horizon - we offer this short poem from writer Rod Clarke. Among all his festive preparations - he turned his attention - not to food - but to the horizon over his Wisconsin farmhouse.

CLARKE: So I asked the guy down at the sunset shop:
“What do you have in a soft evening cranberry?
We need it for the walk in the woods
twixt pie and gravy blessed bird.”
And he said: “Sorry sir, we’re out of that—
but what would you say to a tangerine sun
plunging through pale pumpkin skies
to the dark meat of the hills?”

CURWOOD: Rod Clark lives and writes on a small farm in Cambridge, Wisconsin.
He’s editor and publisher of Rosebud Magazine.



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