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Author: Mark Seth Lender

The Mighty Condor
Living on Earth’s Explorer in Residence Mark Seth Lender encounters one of Earth’s most impressive birds: the California Condor.

Field Note: Leopard Seal Says Hello
Living on Earth's Explorer in Residence Mark Seth Lender was astounded when a huge leopard seal swam right up to his small Zodiac boat on a trip to Antarctica. He muses on the rare close encounter.

Field Note: Fearsome Bull Elephant Musth
Living on Earth's Explorer in Residence Mark Seth Lender reflects on witnessing a bull elephant when he comes into musth, and becomes a force of nature that demands respect.

Field Note: Baboon, "The Observer"
Living on Earth's Explorer in Residence Mark Seth Lender reflects on the exercise of trying to see the world through the watchful eyes of a species not unlike our own: the baboon.

Field Note: A Great Egret's Mating Dance
Living on Earth's Explorer in Residence Mark Seth Lender remarks on the scene that inspired his essay about a Great Egret's mating dance.

Field Note: Climate and the Majestic Gyrfalcon
"In the Arctic, there is no such thing as bad luck when it comes to good stories," writes Living on Earth's Explorer In Residence, Mark Seth Lender. In this Field Note he explains why a series of unfortunate events on a recent trip turned out to be a blessing that brought a rare gyrfalcon sighting, the inspiration for an essay.

Field Note: Red-Tailed Hunter
Living on Earth’s Explorer-in-Residence Mark Seth Lender shares this field note with his thoughts on the predatory habits and special adaptations that make a Red-Tailed hawk a skilled and stealthy hunter.

Field Note: Night Moves
Our Explorer-in-Residence Mark Seth Lender elaborates on the huffing sound African lions make, as depicted in his essay "Night Moves", and on how alternative forms of communication can contribute to a social group's success.

Field Note: Walrus Changes His Mind
Living on Earth's Explorer-in-Residence Mark Seth Lender reflects on the risks of photographing an imposing -- and approaching -- walrus in Svalbard, Norway.

Field Note: Fishing Line Endangers Birds
Living on Earth's Explorer in Residence, Mark Seth Lender, reflects on his tangle with a tern and fishing line on the 4th of July.

Field Note: Eagles At Play
In this field note, Living on Earth’s Explorer-in-Residence Mark Seth Lender remarks on the powerful hold the American Bald Eagle has on our collective awe, and on how severely we have decimated their numbers in the centuries since Europeans landed on North America’s shores.

Field Note: Stealing Dirt
Living on Earth's Resident Explorer Mark Seth Lender reflects on the overcrowding of a gentoo penguin colony on Carcass Island, of the Falkland Islands.

Field Note: Sea Lions at Play
Living on Earth's explorer-in-residence Mark Seth Lender writes on the impact of a changing climate and warming seas on California sea lions.

Pelicans at Pismo Beach Field Note
Living on Earth's Explorer in Residence Mark Seth Lender muses on the unlikely grace of the pelican, and their surprisingly crafty nature.

Field Note: The Young Turtle's Slim Chances
Living on Earth's Explorer-in-Residence Mark Seth Lender muses on the many threats to survival that a young snapping turtle faces.

Field Note: Fish Dinner
Living on Earth Resident Explorer Mark Seth Lender shares a brief field note on his story from the Sea of Cortez, "Fish Dinner."

Field Note: Big White Dog Wants to Play!
Living on Earth's Explorer-in-Residence Mark Seth Lender describes how plastic is common even in the Arctic, where he met a playful polar bear.

Arctic Reveal
Mark Seth Lender makes it to Greenland in his second dispatch from the arctic for Adventure Canada.

En Route
Writer Mark Seth Lender has been travelling on the edge of the arctic, thanks to Adventure Canada -- and writing of his experiences. Here's the blog he sent us.

Hunting in a wild and ancient land. Mark Seth Lender joins an Inuit hunter on his search of beluga whales.

Morning Chorus
At the edge of day, it’s a birds’ world. Read Mark Seth Lender’s blog post.

Al Bear
Al Bear – Al Bear, meet Mark Seth Lender.

The Long Rise
The Long Rise – Daybreak, after the storm. Mark Lender’s blog continues.

Beluga Whales
A clan of beluga wales frolic in the Arctic Ocean. Mark Seth Lender watched them and wrote this blog post.

Mark Seth Lender watches as two polar bears get an unexpected treat.

Seal River
Read more from Mark Seth Lender's trip to the Hudson Bay.

The Last Arctic Voyage
Mark Seth Lender- Traveling where the brave have tread.

North Knife: An Expedition--On His Way
Mark Seth Lender's first stop on his way to Hudson Bay near the Arctic Circle: Winnipeg.

North Knife: An Expedition to Hudson Bay
LOE contributor Mark Seth Lender takes his recording gear and camera to Hudson Bay, Canada, just outside the Arctic Circle, to see polar bears, beluga whales, and Arctic foxes, oh my! Check out his blog.


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